Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Weight Loss Challenge

Awhile ago I wrote about exercising and losing weight - and this blog keeping me accountable. Sad to say, but I have completely dropped off with the exercising for about the last month. We took a few days off and just couldn't seem to get back into the workout groove. We had really been feeling the difference and felt great, but we just didn't stay on track.

One of the reasons I think we stopped (in theory) is because we don't have a scale. I know - shameful. We never got one when we got married, even though we talked about it and looked at them several times. We could never justify spending the money.

But, after starting to use swagbucks, we had earned enough amazon.com gift cards to be able to buy a decent one. Plus, with the prime shipping account that gives you free two-day shipping, it ended up costing us only $3 out of pocket. We could have waited until later this month to get the whole thing free with swagbuck amazon gift cards, but I was getting antsy to get the show back on the road.

We picked out this scale from Amazon.com:
It was definitely a shocking moment to get on the scale and see how much I weigh, but it was also very motivating. Now if I am tempted to take another serving or throw some chocolate chips in my yogurt or snack on chips, I just think of that number staring back at me on the scale and deny the craving.

One thing that we are really learning is that our mind and our stomachs think independently. I think that I need more food, but my stomach doesn't really need it. If I do need a snack, why not pick raisins or fruit instead of chips or crackers.

So, we are starting back on the weight loss journey again today.

My goals are:
  • To exercise 4 times this week.
  • To avoid sweets and desserts like the plague.
  • To drink plenty of water.
  • To lose ten pounds this month.
I'll be sure to keep you updated!


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  1. Great goals!! I've been working super hard to lose the baby weight! I have 2lbs to go til my pre-preggo weight! I've been exercising, avoiding sweets (as much as possible. ha!) and not having seconds at meals, and eating healthy snacks. Keep up the good work!!