Sunday, April 18, 2010

Lessons Learned from Sunday

I am writing this post to both share with everyone about the great message that I heard at church this morning and also to remind myself of the truths that I learned. I need this reminder right now, so I thought would blog the main sermon outline from this morning.

Jesus: Our Model for a Powerful Prayer Life
Text: Mark 1:35

  1. The Priority of Jesus' Prayer Life
    "Now in the morning, having risen a long while before daylight."

    A.  Jesus valued His Father's presence (Jn. 10:15, Jn. 10:17)
    B.  Jesus valued His Father's plan (Jn. 5:19, Jn. 5:30, Jn. 8:29, Jn. 8:38, Lk. 22:41-44)
    C.  Jesus valued His Father's power (Jn. 10:32, Jn. 10:38, Jn. 14:10)

  2. The Privacy of Jesus' Prayer Life
    "He went out departed to a solitary place; and there He prayed."

    A.  It was a place of isolation (Lk. 6:12, Mk 6:46, Mt. 6:5-6)
    B.  It was a place of instruction (Jn. 5:20, Jn. 8:28)
    C.  It was a place of intercession (Lk. 22:31-32)
    D.  It was a place of invigoration (Lk. 22:41-44, Ps. 138:3)

  3. The Productivity of Jesus' Prayer Life
    A.  Authority in His preaching.
    B.  Authority over the demonic realm.
    C.  Authority over disease.
    D.  Authority over death (Jn. 15:15, Jn. 20:17, 21).
I don't know about you, but spending time communicating with my Heavenly Father is one of the hardest things to do. When I go to pray it seems like about a bazillion other  things pop into my head to do. It is just plain hard. But, when I stick with it and enjoy a good season of prayer, it is amazing how sweet and wonderful it is. . . and I long for more.

Today's message was very convicting in many ways. Oh, how I long to be a woman characterized by prayer. Why is prayer something I tuck in if I can or feel like it? Why isn't it something that I plan my day around? Why do I think that I am too busy to pray when I really am too busy NOT to pray? Oh, how I need to spend more time in prayer with my God.

Pastor challenged us to make prayer a priority for at least the next seven days and just see how God works in our hearts. I am making that commitment. Why don't you make it as well?


Note: These notes are taken directly from my Pastor, Brad Wilkinson, who acknowledged that he borrowed many of the truths from a message by Evangelist Tom Farrell.


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