Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Weight Loss Challenge Update

Last week I wrote about a few weight loss goals that I wanted to start working towards. Although there were many areas that I did not do well in this past week, I still managed to lose 5 pounds!!!

My two biggest downfalls were not exercising very much and eating sweets.

I had been doing extremely well with staying away from sweets - until the weekend. We went over to my parent's home for dinner on Friday evening and my mom laid out an array of desserts that were just too tempting! I took a small portion and was satisfied since that was my only dessert of the entire week. But then, on Saturday evening I made cookies for church on Sunday and it was hard not to sample at least one tiny one. = )

Then came Sunday. It is amazing I don't gain 10 pounds every Sunday with the way our church eats. We have rolls and coffee/juice for when people arrive, then eat lunch together afterward. We always have healthy options, but we also have ended up with a dessert buffet the last two weeks. Everything from cake to cookies to pies. I took a small portion, but then a few cookies ended up in our to-go box as well. It is so hard to be disciplined when there are so many delicious things!

Despite my downfalls, I think that the one area I did succeed in really made the difference. I feel like I lost the weight that I did because I disciplined myself to eat smaller portions. A few days we at dinner on a salad plate instead of a regular sized plate. This is a great way to exercise portion control but you still feel like you are eating a good amount because your plate is full. = )

So, my goals for this next week are:
  • Graduate from walking to aerobic exercises. Do aerobics three times this week and walk the other four days.
  • Indulge in only one portion of sweets all week. 
  • Continue eating smaller serving portions of food. 
  • Have a plan for what to eat at church on Sunday - and stick with it. = )
  • Lose another five pounds by the end of April.
Anyone else on a weight loss journey? If so, how is it going? Any tips that you can share?  I'm open to anything!



  1. Great job!! I had no sweets all of last week (except for a little raw sugar in my coffee)!! I had a little piece of chocolate on Sunday, but that was ok. I kinda like to reward myself on the weekend...in moderation, of course :)

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