Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Weekend of Catching Up. . . With Friends and Family

I have already written a post about Sunday, but I thought I would back up and also write one about our weekend.

My Aunt Sherry from AZ was in Chicago for the week for a conference and we had the privilege of having her spend the night with us on Friday night. She was the first overnight guest in our place. She was so sweet and treated us to a Chinese buffet on Friday night (so much for the diet that night!). We had a great time together and it was great for her to be able to get to know Saul better. We laughed so much over dinner, then came back home and talked for a few more hours. I don't get to see my aunt very much, so the time together was special. Just wish my uncle and cousins could have come as well. The picture from right before I dropped her off at her conference on Tuesday. Unfortunately I didn't get one when the three of us went out to eat on Friday evening.

I took my aunt to the airport pretty early on Saturday and when I got back Saul had the office blinds open watching the beautiful sunset. I tried to stay awake and get some things done, but I just couldn't keep my eyes open. I just had to get some more sleep. The late night and early morning caught up with me pretty quickly, so I took an early morning nap.

That afternoon we had a couples bridal shower for our friends Jonathan and Jessica who are getting married in June. We are so excited that God led them to each other. I think it was the first bridal shower that Saul had ever been too and we both had a great time catching up with friends and celebrating the upcoming marriage.

The Happy Couple!

We were able to get a good amount of things done Saturday evening and then just relaxed. All in all it was a great weekend of catching up with family and friends. It is always great to spend time with my sweet man!

Hope you had a great weekend as well!


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