Friday, June 11, 2010

My Frugal Finds

I have been couponing and doing deals for a little while now, but this week was the first week I really feel like it paid off. I am so excited about all of the great deals that I got and I will tell just about anyone who is willing to listen! = )

First of all, when I checked my mailbox on Monday, I was delighted! I sign up for various freebies and on that particular day, my mailbox was overflowing with them!!! Here is what I got - just in the mail - on Monday!

Secret deodorant sample
2 pads, 2 liners, 3 tampons
Dishwasher cleaner
Special K protein bar
Coupon for a FREE 18 pack of Always pads
$2 off coupon for a box of tampons
Coupon for FREE Tropicana orange juice
High value coupons for Special K cereal or protein bars

I took advantage of the Medco deal that Money Saving Mom posted about last week ($10 off a $10 purchase with $.99 shipping). So, when the UPS man came on Monday, I added the following to my stash:

For around $2.50, I purchased:
2 Men's Old Spice Body wash
2 Men's Gillette deodorant
1 ELF blush
1 ELF mascara

It doesn't stop there either! On Tuesday evening, my friend Alysia and I got together and figured out our CVS scenarios. We didn't end up going shopping until later in the week, but we did all of the planning to get these products:

9 rolls of Charmin toilet paper
Cascade dishwasher soap
4 bottles of Windex multi-purpose spray
1  Dawn soap
1 Aussie shampoo
2 Pantene Pro-V shampoos
2 packs of Always pads
3 Skinny Cow ice cream cups
1 Gillette Fusion razor
6 Dove deodorants
2 Colgate toothpastes

I got all of it for right around $14 out-of-pocket - PLUS I have $7 left toward my CVS purchases next week and a $5 cash rebate coming in the mail. If you even that all out, I will have spent around $1 for all of that stuff - things that I will put to great to use!! 

I have a few more Medco orders still coming, but I won't bore you with all of those details. It has definitely taken some time to do this, but I feel like it is SO worth it because of the money we are saving - big time. 

So, do you get into doing coupons and deals? Do you sign up for freebies? Why or why not? I'd love to hear!



  1. This was so exciting. Can't wait to go shopping and "save" money again! Hopefully we will get to go this week.

  2. You should check your Walgreens to see if they have those mini-bottles of Neutrogena soap that are producing the $10 Register Reward (I posted about it on my blog.)I spent a little over $10 out of pocket and I have $94 in Register Rewards!

  3. Ok, I just read on Wild For Wags (my fave walgreens site!) that the little bottles stopped producing the Register Reward :( Oh well...Didn't want you to go there and be disappointed!