Monday, June 7, 2010

Empty Spaces

Now that we have finally painted and gotten the curtains hung in our bedroom, I am looking to fill a few of the "empty spaces." The main two spaces I want to fill are the little corner by our closet and above our bed.

I think that this little corner would be perfect for a little chair or a table and lamp - or something, but I just haven't found the right thing. It is going to have to be on the small side. Eventually we would like to install a collapsible door so that we can put something a little bigger here. I am keeping my eyes open for things at garage sales and on craigslist. I have some coordinating fabric that would be great for upholstering a chair. Any thoughts or suggestions?

The second area I need help with is our bed.

Right now we don't have a headboard. There wasn't one with our bedroom set when we got it (long story), and it has worked out great for us so far. My husband is 6'3" and just barely fits on our king size bed. So, we've moved the bed a little bit away from the wall and putting his pillow a little bit over the edge gives a few extra inches.

Anyway, we definitely need something here. Would a picture look funny without a headboard? Any ideas for making a headboard that would coordinate with our shiny black furniture? I am thinking of something that could be mounted on the wall so that Saul could still take advantage of a few extra inches.

I plan on making some pillows with leftover fabric from the curtains, but above the bed definitely needs some work.

I am so not a decorator, so if you have any suggestions, please let me know!!!



  1. What if you did a collage of black & white photos framed in black above the bed??? Maybe 3 larger ones?? Photos of some scenery or flowers or something ... also, here's some great ideas for headboards -- I might use one for our room!! ... ... Good luck =)

  2. Have you thought making a fabric headboard? This would mount to the wall so you could maintain your space for long Saul.

    As for above, I like the above suggestions for a grouping of framed photos -- black frames would look cool. I have a herd of white mats left from framing jobs I have done. Not sure what sizes I have, probably all 5x7, but I used to be a picture framer so I can help you if you want. May have some frames tucked away too, not sure.
    -- Audrey