Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Weight Gain

Does anyone else out there struggle with gaining weight? This is never something that I really battled until getting married. Then, OH MY!!! My hubby and I both gained "just a few" pounds very quickly. It is horrendous!!

So, for a few excuses:

I think part of it is because I was used to eating with a family of boys. Yes, I am one of six children and there were only two girls. My mom would make a certain amount of food that was plenty to feed everyone. But, I had to eat quickly if I wanted to get seconds or the boys would eat it all. Sounds vicious, but that is really how it was (in a tame way). It really was a blessing though because I just ate what I needed and didn't eat anything extra.

But, now that I am married and there are just two of us, and because my husband is a great cook, and because we both love to be in the kitchen, and because I now work at home and barely move around, and, and, and. . . I know, all excuses for why I've gained weight.

It started back on the honeymoon eating all of those yummy meals. Then when we got home, we loved cooking dinner together and would end up with feasts on the table (we seriously had to make our table bigger because all of the food that we prepared wouldn't fit on the table!). I was also a much faster eater than my husband, so I would finish my plate when he had barely started, so I would take another helping, and another. . .

So, now, after being married for about 18 months, we have decided that this has to stop. We will NOT be gaining any more weight. We will NOT be making feasts and desserts anymore. We WILL be exercising on a regular basis and we WILL be eating healthy.

Check back with me in a week and see how it is going. You'll have to help keep us accountable.


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