Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Meeting in Chicago

On Tuesday night we went to an eXfuze meeting in Chicago. Sandy Burgess, one of the top marketers for eXfuze came all the way from California to Chicago just for the meeting.

Saul and I learned a lot from the meeting. It is also neat to hear other people's testimonies about how eXfuze has impacted their lives. Sandy is a type 2 diabetic. Her main testimony is that she had neurapothy in her foot. She couldn't even put a sheet on her foot without it burning up. Doctors had given her no hope of it getting better. However, a friend of hers was taking eXfuze and recommended it to her. She took it and within a week, the swelling in her foot started going down. Six months after being on the product she is wearing flip flops and her feet don't bother her. Her blood sugar levels have also started leveling out as well. It is always exciting to hear other people's testimonies about how eXfuze has helped in their lives.

Sandy is also very knowledgeable about eXfuze. She has been down to the center where they produce the product and has seen the whole process of how they get the extracts, soak it in the grape juice, and bottle it. She also knows more about all of the ingredients in eXfuze and many of the medical benefits. One of the things that gets me pumped up about eXfuze is that it has seven different super fruits in it, so it doesn't just target one symptom. It isn't just for people with one type of problem - it helps a multitude of things. It has helped me with my headaches, it has helped Saul with his sleep and mental focus, it has helped my mom with her arthritis, it has helped my sister-in-law with her foot pain. I could go on and on about the people that it has helped. I haven't talked with one person who has taken it who it hasn't helped.

Sandy gave us lots of great ideas for sharing eXfuze with people. She calls it liquid gold, and in many ways, I feel that it is. I know that I couldn't be more thankful for what it has done in my life.

Anyone else take eXfuze or another liquid supplement (Noni, Goji, MonaVie, etc. . .)? If so, I'd love to hear about it!


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